For Readers

Libera is:
  • A crowdfunding platform to support your favourite authors of fiction, scientific, professional literature. When you buy texts on Libera or sponsor future authors' projects, they receive 80% of the total amount. For comparison: when you buy a paper book, its author gets 2-5% of the cost. In other online stores, the figure is usually 25%.
  • The gathering space for you, your favourite authors and their readers. We are not an online store, but a library, a service for interaction and crowdfunding with certain elements of a social network. Here you can find your favourite authors, debate with other readers of your favourite books, discover new interesting books, recommendations and reviews. Unlike with a bookstore, the author knows that you personally supported them.
  • Your personal library and catalogue. Libera provides access to all the texts that you bought. Libera suggests where to find other interesting books. Libera makes it possible to exchange texts and recommendations. Libera allows you to place texts with zero cost, so people from all over the world can get any books in any language directly from the author.
How do I find the book I need? If you cannot find the book on the site using the search bar, try to search differently: by the author's name, by the year of publication, by words from the title. If you do not know what you are looking for, use keywords. Thus you will find the texts, which annotations contain these words. In the end, maybe, this book is simply not on the site. Do not get discouraged: if you searched for a book and have not found it, we know about it and work on making it appear on Libera. How will the author know that I supported them? When you pay for the text (or take it for free, because the author indicated a zero price), you once and for all get into the list of buyers. This list is available to the author at any time. We do not give this information to anyone else. Of course, if you registered on the site as “Boojum Snark", but in fact your name is John Doe, then the author may not recognize you at the annual meeting with readers. That's why we are asking for the real name. In the end, we are an intellectual community here. Why are some books on Libera more expensive than in online stores? The fact is that copyright holders for many good books are publishers, not the authors themselves. In such cases, we make an agreement with the publishers on following conditions: say, they have a book that costs $10. On our website it is $20. From these $20, $10 go to the publishing house (and the author receives 20 cents from them), and $10 go to the author (minus the commission). Thus, you receive a book, the author gets money, and so does the publishing house. So, everyone is happy. Do you have free books? Yes, the author can put a zero price on there text. We welcome this very much. Our mission is to spread knowledge.