For Authors

Libera is a service that allows authors to earn without publishing houses. You can receive money directly from your readers. You can receive money for texts that are not yet completed. You can get money just like that. You can put any price on any of your texts. Why will they pay you? Because readers have not bought books for a long time. They would rather try to finance your work. They want you to continue to be creative. We help you to meet with your readers and get direct support from them. Libera is not only a service for collecting readers' funds. This is also a platform for communication. Here you see those most devoted of your readers. You can talk to them. You can invite them to live meetings. You can always see the names of all the buyers of your text or sponsors of your future texts. This is very convenient, because your contact with them is the key to your success as an author. The commission of our service is 20%. The rest goes directly to the authors, minus national taxes. How can an author register on Libera? We need to know that you are the copyright owner of the texts that you publish. We also need to know that you register under the real name. We also need your payment information. Therefore, registration of authors is more difficult than registering readers. To register as an author, after you create an account just follow the link to verify your account: How do I publish my text on Libera? To publish a new text, you can go to this link You can also click on the "Add a book" button, which is inside dropdown menu "Settings" in upper right corner. How do I put the price on my text? You can put any: from zero to infinity. But, if the book is very poorly sold, it is worth reducing the price. Experiment! If nothing comes to mind - look at how much the books of other authors cost. You can also put a zero price on all your texts and hope that readers will want to finance your future projects. This is excellent tactics for novice authors. How to get money from the sold texts? We automatically transfer your money to your credit card once a month. Important: we can not transfer money to someone else's card. Only on your own. Moreover, this should not be a salary card, as the NBU prohibits using them for any transfers other than salaries. Be careful when pointing out the card number when registering! You receive money after the bank comission, Libera`s commission (today it is 20%) and your taxes: NDFL (18%) and military fee (1.5%). That means, in Ukraine the author gets 62.19% of the total cost of his books. This is absolutely legal money from which all taxes are already paid.