How will the author know that I supported them? When you pay for the text (or take it for free, because the author indicated a zero price), you once and for all get into the list of buyers. This list is available to the author at any time. We do not give this information to anyone else. Of course, if you registered on the site as “Boojum Snark", but in fact your name is John Doe, then the author may not recognize you at the annual meeting with readers. That's why we are asking for the real name. In the end, we are an intellectual community here. Why are some books on Libera more expensive than in online stores? The fact is that copyright holders for many good books are publishers, but not the authors themselves. In such cases, we make an agreement with the publishers on following conditions: say, they have a book that costs $10. On our website it is $20. From these $20, $10 go to the publishing house (and the author receives 20 cents from them), and $10 go to the author (minus the commission). Thus, you receive a book, the author gets money, and so does the publishing house. So, everyone is happy. You pay more, but the lion's share of the money goes personally to the author. Do you have free books? Yes, the author can put a zero price on there text. We welcome this very much. Our mission is to spread knowledge. How can an author register on Libera? We need to know that you are the copyright owner of the texts that you publish. We also need to know that you register under the real name. We also need your payment information. Therefore, registration of authors is more difficult than registering readers. To register as an author, after you create an account just follow the link to verify your account: https://libera.store/en/profile/verifyAuthor/. How do I publish my text to Libera? To publish a new text, you can go to this link https://libera.store/en/author/addBook/. You can also click on the "Add a book" button, which is inside dropdown menu "Settings" in upper right corner. How do I put the price on my text? You can put any: from zero to infinity. But, if the book is very poorly sold, it is worth reducing the price. Experiment! If nothing comes to mind - look at how much the books of other authors cost. You can also put a zero price on all your texts and hope that readers will want to finance your future projects. This is excellent tactics for novice authors.