Память жанра былины в поэме Н.А. Львова «Добрыня»
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Память жанра былины в поэме Н.А. Львова «Добрыня»

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В статье И.Л.Щедрина в свете созданной М.М. Бахтиным концепции памяти жанра анализируется жанровая специфика богатырской поэмы Н.А. Львова «Добрыня» и характер проявления в ее структуре элемента былины как одного из жанров-предшественников.

Ключевые слова: жанр, былина, богатырская поэма, волшебно-сказочная поэма, память жанра.

Щедрін І.Л. БОГАТИРСЬКІ ПОЕМИ Н.А. РАДІЩЕВА: ПРОБЛЕМА ПАМ’ЯТІ ЖАНРУ БИЛИНИ / Запорізький національний університет, Україна

У статті за допомогою висуненої М.М. Бахтіним концепції «пам’яті жанру» аналізується жанрова специфіка богатирської поеми Н.А. Львова «Добриня» та характер проявів у їхній структурі елементу билини як одного з жанрів-попередників.

Ключові слова: жанр, билина, богатирська поема, чарівно-казкова поема, пам'ять жанру.

Schedrіn І.L. THE BYLINA’S GENRE MEMORY IN HEROIC FAIRY TALE BY N.A. LVOV “DOBRYNYA” / Zaporіzhzhya National University, Ukraine
The author analyzes the relationship between the heroic fairy tale by N.A. Lvov “Dobrynya” and Russian epos in the light of M.M. Bakhtin’s theory of genre and his concept of genre memory. At present, there appear works about folklorism of the poem by N.A. Lvov. However, there is no complete study on bylina’s influence on this work by N.A.Lvov. To solve this problem the article provides a comparative analysis of the main features of poems by Radyshchev and genre differentiation criteria of bylina. The analysis is performed on 10 corresponding points: genre autoreflexion, subject of the work, individual authors’ worldview, chronotope, architectonics, social and aesthetic value of the work, poetic characteristics, unpoetic formal characteristics, genre distribution, extraliterary distribution. As part of the study, the author provides the most complete, compared with previous studies, description of the ties between the poem by N.A. Lvov ”Dobrynya”, the poem by N.M. Karamzin “Ilya Muromets” and Russian bylinas. The author also examines the influence of genre memory of bylina on Lvov’s worldview, chronotope of his poems, characteristics of the main characters, poetic characteristics of his works. As follows from the analysis, genre memory of bylina in the poem “Dobrynya” appeared mainly at the level of poetics, some elements of worldview (adjustment for non-strict authenticity), chronotope. Intermediary genres in this context were Russian chronicles based among other things on folklore sources, manuscript collections of epics, and literary heroic fairy tales of the second half of the XVIII century. At the level of composition the genre memory of bylina had practically no influence on the poem by N.A.Lvov. Inclusion of the poem by Lvov in intergenre community of heroic fairy tales on several grounds (genre autoreflection, chronotope, poetics, worldview) is valid. Specifics of the display of genre memory of bylina in this poem give grounds for judgments about changes in the request of readers’ crowds in Russia from the 1780s to the 1800s, the growth of the request for nationality and ethnicity in works, gravity to folklore.

Key words: genre, bylina, heroic fairy tale, magic fairy tale, genre memory.


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