About Us

Libera is the Latin for freedom. Johann Gutenberg liberated Europeans by introducing printing. Since then, the printed book has become accessible to everyone and changed the world for good. We wish to surpass the first printer and make a new revolution: leaving paper literature behind. Paper fetters the exchange of information between authors and readers in all fields: in science, education, art. It makes the exchange of information very expensive, slow and environmentally harmful. We want any reader in any country of the world to be able to get any text at any time. We want the reader to directly support the author of the text by transferring money to them with minimal losses. It’s high time that we stopped alimenting printing houses. The money that they now receive must go to authors. If we achieve this goal, art, science and education throughout the world will receive unprecedented financial support. Thousands of new brilliant writers, fiction and scientific texts will appear. It will be wonderful. And this is only one part of our task. The second part is to make sure that readers have someone to talk with about their favourite books. We want authors to communicate directly with their readers and know their names. We also want readers to know each other, to unite in clubs and discuss art and science with each other. This is why in our service there are so many elements of a social network, and there are even more to come. The third part of our task concerns scientists and students. We want to create the most relevant, lively and constantly updated scientific library of texts. They will be distributed in the same way as other texts on Libera. In this case, they will be available to any person in the world. A new book of a French professor will be read by colleagues and students in Africa, China, Mexico and India - just a few minutes after its publication.